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When your hands get cold and wet you are less efficient. Rather than focusing on the task at hand, you're thinking about how miserable you are (and how you can't feel your fingers). That's why you need a solid pair of gloves that keep your hands both warm AND dry but also provide enough dexterity to get the job done. That is why we developed The Equinoxx Gloves 3.0.

The Equinoxx Gloves 3.0 feature a new Triple-Layer Thinsulate insulation to provide optimal wind-blocking and exceptional warmth. The gloves also feature a Hipora water-resistant membrane that keeps your hands dry in the rain and snow. The palms feature a durable, non-slip material for optimal grip. The gloves also feature an oversized wrist cuff with heavy duty hook and loop closure to maximize comfort and protection.


  • 3M triple-layer Thinsulate
  • Hipora water-resistant liner
  • Wind-resistant
  • Breathable
  • Touch Screen Fingers
  • Soft touch inner lining
  • Double non-slip grip material on palms
  • Heavy Duty hook and loop wrist closure
  • Loops on wrist cuffs to secure gloves to a hook or belt

221B Tactical Equinoxx Gloves 3.0 - Thermal Water & Wind Resistant Touch Screen


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