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221B Tactical Sentinel Gloves- Leather Level 5 Cut Resistant.
While on duty, many love the look and feel of classic leather gloves. However, in today's world, there are many threats officers encounter while on duty which traditional leather gloves do not offer protection for. Your hands are among your most precious assets. That is why we developed The Full Leather, Level 5 Cut-Resistant Sentinel Gloves.

The Sentinel Gloves feature a 100% genuine leather exterior which offers excellent dexterity. The inner lining consists of our HPX Level 5 Cut-Resistant material. Together you get a beautiful leather patrol glove that doesn't just look great but also offers TRUE protection for your hands.

221B TACTICAL SNTG Sentinel Gloves- Leather Level 5 Cut Resistant, Black XS-XXL

    •     Genuine leather outer
    •     HPX Level 5 Cut-Resistant inner lining
    •     Velcro wrist closure
    •     Optimal durability and dexterity
    •     Color: Black

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