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As the newly created Maximalist footwear category continues to thrive, Tactical Research by Belleville introduces the new MAXX Series of ultra-cushioned tactical boots. Designed with a unique performance Fatt Maxx™ midsole that features higher volume, softer density, and greater rebounding foam than standard tactical boots, the Maxx Series of boots allow the foot to sink deeply into the midsole for greater support, stability, uniformity of stride and overall comfort.

Belleville 6" Maximalist Tactical Boot (Regular Width)

    • Stack height of 29mm at the heel and 23mm at the forefoot  6mm heel to toe “drop”
    • “Rocker” midsole geometry encourages smooth gate from heel-strike to toe-off
    • 25%-55% more shock absorbent than other leading athletic tactical boots
    • YKK waterproof nylon zipper with molded security overlay
    • Spacer-mesh breathable, hydrophilic lining
    • Color: Black
  • MAXX6Z

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