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Keep your duty belt secure with Rothco’s Belt Keepers. Attach your inner and outer belt, or use as a stopper for the gear on your duty belt, this belt keeper is a must have for law enforcement professionals. This belt stay is constructed with a strong and sturdy poly webbing material, made to withstand tough tactical missions, while two durable, long-lasting snaps secure this belt holder closed. This uniform accessory is built to fit a 2.25” duty gear belt, a standard size. Its open dimensions are 7 1/8" X 1" and its closed dimensions measure 2 3/8” x 1”. This Tactical belt keeper packaged in a 4- piece set and is ideal for law enforcement, and security officers, as well as any official who needs a securely fastened belt. 


Keep your duty belt secure with Rothco’s Belt Keepers. 

  • Attach Your Inner And Outer Belt, Or Use As A Stopper For The Gear On Your Duty Belt, This Belt Keeper Is A Must Have For Law Enforcement Professionals
  • Belt Stay Is Constructed With A Strong And Sturdy Poly Webbing Material, Made To Withstand Tough Tactical Missions
  • Two Durable, Long-Lasting Snaps Secure This Belt Holder Closed
  • Uniform Accessory Is Built To Fit A 2.25” Duty Gear Belt, A Standard Size
  • Open Dimensions 7 1/8" X 1" | Closed Dimensions 2 3/8” X 1”
  • Tactical Belt Keeper Packaged In A 4- Piece Set
  • Ideal For Law Enforcement, And Security Officers, As Well As Any Official Who Needs A Securely Fastened Belt

Belt Keepers - 4 Piece Set

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