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  • Farthest for its Size: The Javelot boasts an impressive 134,000 candela, allowing it to cast a focused beam up to 730 meters.  With a max output of 1,350 lumens, it eliminates any darkness far ahead.

  • Dual Switches, All the Needs: The newly added metal side switch and a programmable seamless tail switch cover both EDC and tactical needs.

  • Larger Battery in Perfect Body: The 5000mAh 21700 battery provides 72 days runtime in moonlight mode; 5.43in body with pronounced knurling facilitates a comfortable grip in hand.

  • Get the Whole Outfit: The Javelot comes with a set of accessories, including a dual-way pocket clip, and a nylon-reinforced holster, unlocking various carrying methods and scenarios. Hunting, fishing, strolling, patrolling -- use it as you like.

  • Optional Remote Switch (sROD-7): Get a reliable push-to-lock magnetic remote switch to turn it into a powerful WML.

Javelot Long Range Outdoor Flashlight with Holster

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