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Olantern Stretch

  • Height by Whim: A creative and versatile addition to the Olantern Series, industry’s First flexible lantern that features a height-adjustable light head for a customizable lighting range. The max height of 16in increases about 2.3 times the light coverage.

  • Dual Light Sources: Up to 500 lumens of white light and 130 lumens of warm light. Suitable for any road trip, home party, bed lighting, outdoor camping, power outage, etc.

  • User-Friendly UI: Switch between two light sources with a flick using the toggle switch. Use the knob for stepless lighting control.

  • Longer Runtime, Stronger Backup: 16000mAh battery capacity, up to 250 hours of lighting time makes a great powerbank for your other devices.

Arkfeld UV OD Green HexCamo CW: Dual Light Sources Flashlight with 1,000lm white light and 580mW UV light, diverse usage in a slender one-piece body.

i1R 2 Pro West: Max output of 180 lumens, max runtime of 12 hours, USB-C port keychain flashlight.

Olantern Stretch Camping Light with Height Adjustable Light Head 5

SKU: 6975498003632
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