Safariland In-Ear Impulse Hearing Protection helps guard against hearing damage caused by automatic fire and single gun shots, artillery fire and explosions, reducing them to safe levels, less likely to cause long term damage.
Using patent pending Impulse Technology, Safariland's In-Ea
r Impulse Inserts automatically engage to guard against hearing damage and reduce peak sound levels up to 33 decibels (33dB). Automatic fire, single shots, artillery fire and explosions are instantly- reduced to safe levels, and less likely to cause long-term damage. When sound peaks are not present, continuous noise reduction of 13 decibels (13dB) is maintained, but will block out normal ambient audio, voice or sound directionality. Combined with their small size and comfortable ear tips, Safariland's In- Ear Impulse Inserts are ideal for all day use and also fit unobtrusively under headsets or earmuffs.
Includes: 1 Medium/ 1 Large Pair, Aluminum Carrying Case

Safariland In-Ear Impulse Hearing Protection

    •     No batteries required
    •     Patent Pending Impulse Filter Technology
    •     Automatically engages to protect hearing
    •     Will not block out normal ambient audio
    •     Proprietary material for long wear comfort
    •     2-Year Limited Warranty
    •     Used and recommended by Team Safariland
    •     Single Shot, explosions, automatic fire artillery, impulse and impact noise
    •     Two size of ear inserts (one pair of filters)
    •     Key chain aluminum transport/storage Case 
  • SAF-1222045