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  • Defy The Darkness: Featuring max 2,600lm output and 630m beam distance, the X4 balances the spot and spill well with a peak beam intensity of 99,310 candela, and is equipped with a dazzling strobe, making it born for warriors. 

  • 2 Recharging Options + 3-Color Indicator: It can now support both USB-C and MCC3 recharging; a three-color indicator is added, with still vibration prompt to better show the battery life.

  • Portable Holster: Use the safe and convenient holster to unlock more storing and carrying methods.

  • Strikingly Impressive Looking: The Warrior X 4 exudes a commanding presence with its concise yet powerful design. The eye-catching harpoon-like logos on the head and tail further enhance its aggressive aesthetic, giving the impression that this tactical companion is ready to conquer any darkness that lies ahead.

  • Carefree Dust Cover: The battery indicator and the USB-C interface are hidden behind a dust cover -- let them appear by rotating it a quarter.

Warrior X 4 USB-C and MCC Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight With Holster

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